Meals & Plans FAQ

Our meal plans are calorie controlled and are on a set menu. For a more flexible option in meal choices go to choose your own in the menu tab.

Standard Meal Plans offer the full range of meals including meat and seafood.

Vegetarian Meal Plans include dairy & eggs. They do not include meat or seafood.

We do provide some vegan meals, to purchase vegan only go to the choose your own menu tab.

Any Individual meals on this menu can be chosen. You may choose to make your own calorie controlled plan or prefer specific meals  and so can order multiples of the same meal. There is a minimum order requirement at check out of $69 in total.

The amount of calories you require may depend on your personal circumstance. You may wish to receive advice from your medical professional. Alternatively we have provided a calorie calculator as a guide only.

We do not cater to Allergies or Intolerances.

Nutritional information for each meal can be found on the product page.

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information at time of publication. However, information contained within is subject to change without prior notice.