Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering from our range of meals is simple, whether you prefer to speak to us over the phone, or order online!

We accept payments by Credit Card or Debit Card only.

You can re-order either online or by the phone at anytime.

Yes, to cancel, simply visit the subscriptions page from My Account. Alternatively, you can also Contact Us by phone.

A canellation fee may apply after payment processing. This is due to administation costs and adjustment of stock

Alternatively you may prefer to suspend your order date and reschedule to a later date.

To heat meals simply microwave with the lid on for approx. 4-6 minutes*

*Heating times may vary depending on microwave

If you have an issue with your order/delivery please contact us within 24 hours for resolution.

We provide discounts for pensioners, seniors & disability pensions are accepted. To take advantage of the discounts please organise through the office. 0402 611 077 or send us an email and we will contact you.