Family owned since 1981


Calorie Controlled Meals & Plans Delivered

We provide convenient weight loss and weight control solutions with our carefully designed and measured menu plans – safely and enjoyably for healthy living.

Our Calorie Controlled Meals & Plans have stood the test of time.

We have been helping West Australians to achieve their weight loss goals and healthy living lifestyles since 1981.

The “fixed meal plans” are designed to provide you with an uncomprimising calorie controlled menu.

You have a choice of standard (all food choices) or vegetarian.

There are full menus which include Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners as well as snacks.

Alternatively we also provide Lunch, Dinner meal plans with snacks as appropriate to calorie size.

You can choose a calorie size from 1000 calories to 1800 calories (based on a Full meal Plan). If you choose a Lunch, Dinner plan it is up to you to provide the extra calories in your breakfasts and morning snacks.

If you are after a more flexible style meals choice there is the option to “choose your own“. You then have the flexibility to choose anything on the menu and make up your own  plan.

Note: We do not cater to allergies or intolerant diet requirements


We deliver meals to your door at no extra charge!